There are a number of things that are involved with search engine optimization so we want to provide you a list of the individual SEO services we offer to help your site get found in online.  These are the one off items that contribute overall in your online search success.  Adding any one of these items can potentially make the difference between a customer finding your business or your competitor’s and purchasing from them.  (Note: Some of these services individually have minor impacts in rankings.  However, implementing these changes can be the things that giver you the edge over your competitors site.)

Here is a list of the services we provide:

Website Audit – (FREE) Get a review of your site to see what is working and passing Google’s test for helping your site get ranked and what is not.  This service is offered free to any business requesting the product.

Social Profiles Audit – You may have heard that being on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., isn’t important to Google.  Our in-depth research has found that having a social profiles is imperative to your site’s rankings as it establishes the credibility of your brand.  If you haven’t set up your social profiles on all of the top sites and those on the second tiers, we can help.

Social Media Management – If you haven’t established your presence online via social media you’re missing a hidden piece of the SEO puzzle.  The social communication not only is a measure used to establish rankings for the SERPs, but it helps develop the relationship between you and your new customer or current customer that causes them to want to come to you for their purchasing needs.

Mobile Friendly – “Mobilegeddon,” the term used for the extreme warning to businesses to make sure their webpage is mobile friendly.  People are using their phones to search for things more now than ever.  As a result, mobile search is the new design of search engines for find businesses online.  If you’re site isn’t mobile friendly, it isn’t going to show up anywhere on page one.

Mobile Optimization – There is a difference between being mobile friendly and mobile optimized.  Mobile friendliness is step one, but if searchers go to your site on their mobile device and they find it is not easy to maneuver, they will look for the next business page that they can easy use.

Website speed – The page speed of your site, (the time it takes to load), it a ranking factor that Google has confirmed.  We know from our own searches that the load time matters because we won’t wait for a site to load; we will simply move onto the next site.  Well, your customer won’t wait either.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – Google will give preference to your site for some searches if they are optimized with AMP.  We can help by getting your webpage optimized as accelerated mobile.

Local Citation Audit – The rankings in the search engines are based in large part upon the trust you have established with them.  Build Google trust by ensuring your citation pages are set up and done so correctly.

Http to Https – Security is a critical issue in today’s online world.  Ensuring your site is secure for your customers is another concern for the search engines and the direction that the online directories, (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), are headed.

Site Security – As previously indicated, online security is critical for consumers.  Website security is critical for your business and webpage as well.  If your site gets hacked, that not only creates a hassle for you, but also destroys the trust you’ve established with the search engines.

Siri Optimization – How many people do you know have an IPhone?  You may even have one.  Iphone users love to talk to Siri to find businesses in the vicinity they are looking for.  Make an inquiry.  Is she providing your company as an option for the services you provide? We optimize your business page so that Siri will offer your business as an option to the people asking her questions.

Facebook Push Notifications –  We stated earlier that a social presence is of great importance when it comes to ranking your site.  One way to build that presence is to get your customers to check-in when they are at your business.  You can help encourage them to do so with FB push notifications.  Image, a notification coming directly to their mobile device when they are at your business that says, “check-in and receive 10% off for ….?”  We will get your site set up with those notifications.

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